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Several years ago, Max a German Shepherd came into my life.  Max was two or three when his owners opened the gate and told him to go find a new home.  I was contacted and Max entered my life.  The first part of Max's life had little socialization or training, therefore he had a hard time adjusting to life with me.  Our journey started with many different training venues and session styles.  

Max went everywhere with me.  He was my buddy and showed patience with me and my fumbling attempts to communicate and teach him the world of the human.  

As time went on, I grew and he listened.  Anything mom wanted to do, Max was right there trying.  We did AKC obedience, free style dance, hikes, some agility, nose work and he even helped with the foster dogs.  Max and I earned many ribbons and titles, but if you asked Max, he did not care, he only wanted to be with Mom.  

As I reflect on the past; Max was teaching me and leading me where I was to go. Eventually I started school for dog training and behavior, and now am on the never ending path of learning my passion of "Dog" training and behavior.   

Max recently passed, but my time with him has made me even more passionate to continue on this road he had created for me so that other dog's could experience the love, happiness and bond that he and I had.

Max left behind his best friend LarryBoy, to make me laugh when sadness of his passing shadows me.  



My Background is in human medicine.  I started out in the 80's and since have many degrees. Owing to the fact that I use "Science Based Methods" in animal behavior, learning theory and psychology, I believe my Masters in Nursing Science provides a very strong foundation.


My professional training started at the CATCH Canine Trainers Academy, a 2 year certification program. My goal is to obtain my national certification as a Dog Behavior Consultant.  This process is about a five year course of learning.

I belong to two professional dog training and behavior societies.  


One last word, I have been an active foster and volunteer for Vegas Shepherd Rescue for 6 years. The fosters I take on have either psychological stress disorders or physical problems.  I currently foster an older, beautiful European Shepherd with monthly seizures. 


This is my passion and my heart, this is not just a job.

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